This early Black Friday deal on a Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is an absolute steal

It’s not every day that you get a major price cut on a premium piece of kit like the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook, so when we saw it was nearly half off with this early Black Friday deal over at Samsung, we definitely took notice (Not in the U.S.? Scroll down to find deals in your region).

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook: $999.00 $549.00 at Samsung
Chromebooks don’t normally come in this kind of premium package, so when it’s on sale for nearly half off over at Samsung, it’s an absolute steal that you should jump on right away if you’re in the market for a Chromebook.View Deal

One of the things Chromebooks are known for are for using lower cost components and being sort of basic from a design perspective, so when something like the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook comes around, we have to take note.

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