The work-home divide highlights mobile security shortfalls

As working from home becomes more normalized, so too does the notion of your mobile device becoming a one-stop-shop – a sole gateway to people’s consumer and business activities. While this provides levels of ease and access that desktop PCs struggle to reach, it highlights a significant security shortfall that needs addressing urgently. If we’re going to use personal devices as business tools, then we need to secure them like business tools.

In the UK at present, one in five consumers are provided with a business smartphone, while 27% simply use their personal smartphones for work – according to Kaspersky’s research. This emphasizes a reality where individuals are sending sensitive work emails in one breath, before sending a Tweet or accessing personal bank accounts in the next. Kaspersky also found that 23% of people admit they don’t have adequate antivirus software installed on their provided devices for business use, and 47% don’t protect their personal smartphones. With that said, it is clear consumers are applying the same level of ambivalence to their business activities as their personal actions.

A premature acceleration to mobile

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