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The future of Windows: Do you like the name Windows 11?

We’ve all known that something big was in the works for Windows for some time now, though anticipation has really heated up in the past week.

Ever since Windows 10X got put on ice so that Windows 10 desktop could continue its eternal sprint toward the future, it was clear that something big was cooking. Then, during his Build 2021 keynote, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella explicitly said huge news was coming. And now, there’s officially an event on June 24 that’s set to reveal all (or something, at the very least).

Expectations for what’s to be revealed are all over the place, though lots of folks are thinking Windows 11 is going to be the bombshell announcement. Not everyone’s happy with the idea of Microsoft abandoning its “Windows 10, forever updated” strategy in favor of releasing a new name and iteration, but others like the idea of a clean break from the longstanding name. What’s your thought on the potential Windows 11 namedrop?

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As can be seen in our previous poll, a lot of Windows Central readers thought that Microsoft should just cut the numbers altogether and reduce the OS name to “Windows.” There would be a timeless simplicity in that option, one that would be missing in a hypothetical Windows 11. But there’s something charming about new numbers. The Windows Central Discord community has already been hard at work thinking up logos for the potential future of Windows.

Let us know your thoughts on the rumored name both in the poll and in the comments, and be sure to check back here for all the latest Windows coverage.

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