The cheapest full HD 1080p monitor right now comes with a simple feature all displays should have

onn. 42” Full HD LED Roku Smart TV – $88 at Walmart
(roughly £70)
This 41.5-inch own-brand smart TV from Walmart can be used as a computer display thanks to its three HDMI ports. What’s more, it comes with Roku built-in, meaning you can cast to it wirelessly. Grab it while you can!View Deal

At just over $2.1 per inch ($88 for a 41.5-inch diagonal), the onn. Class FHD LED Roku Smart TV (100018254) takes the title of cheapest computer monitor and cheapest full HD TV set, inch-for-inch.

It’s worth getting a move on, however, because this Black Friday deal won’t be around for long. 

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