Planet Coaster: Console Edition up for pre-order, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launch title

Planet Coaster July 2020Source: Frontier Developments

Planet Coaster: Console Edition arrives on Xbox on November 10, 2020, officially making it another launch title for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and it also supports Smart Delivery, meaning there will be next-gen enhancements here day one, which is absolutely fantastic to see. Interested players can also pre-order Planet Coaster: Console Edition right now, with two editions to choose from.

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Anyone who pre-orders will get “Oswald’s Magnificent Machine,” a new ride, while those who splurge a little on the slightly more expensive Deluxe Edition will also get the Classic and Magnificent Rides Collections, giving you some extra rides to place in your parks.

Pre-order the game now to be sure you’re ready to play and design the best theme park possible in video games on November 10, 2020, even if you’re setting up your brand-new Xbox Series X or S.

Coaster Planet

Planet Coaster: Console Edition (Pre-order)

The ultimate theme park creator.

Planet Coaster is one of the best theme park games available today, with a huge amount of creative freedom afforded to players. And now even consoles players can join in on the fun, with Planet Coaster: Console Edition joining the growing list of Xbox Series X and S launch titles.

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