OtterBox launches Xbox ‘xCloud’ accessory range this February

While OtterBox is best known for its rugged phone cases, the company’s new Xbox partnership has taken to CES 2021, with a small gaming range headed to market this February. It honors its mobile heritage with a peripheral lineup tailored to cloud gaming, as Xbox Game Pass takes full-fledged Xbox One games to iOS and Android over the web.

Xbox and OtterBox have joined forces with various products geared around on-the-go experiences, delivering its spin on cloud gaming fundamentals. That includes a new mobile gaming clip, binding your phone and controller, various protective shells, and a privacy guard tweaked for gaming use. Many of the products also see Microsoft’s official “Designed for Xbox” seal of approval, joining the lineup for Xbox “Project xCloud” through its early days.

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The OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip takes a familiar form to other mounting solutions we’ve seen, albeit with features you won’t find on alternative products. It clamps onto any Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, or Xbox Elite Controller while clutching most phone sizes with adjustable arms. It also has a standout, easy-adjustment solution, eliminating the need to wrangle thumbscrews and three points of contact designed to prevent accidental button presses on the phone.

Other products include a Gaming Carry Case, designed to accompany any Xbox controller with an attached clip, ideal for assembling an all-inclusive kit for cloud gaming on the move. That’s also complemented with an Easy Grip Controller Shell, offering additional controller protection, and a matching Easy Grip Gaming Case, compatible with modern iPhones and select Android devices.


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