HP’s Aruba teams up with Comcast for VPN WFH solution

Comcast Business and Aruba are teaming up to provide a more effective work from home solution for the countless employees that can no longer go into the office. Comcast Business Teleworker VPN promises speed, reliability and security, ensuring that home working can take place without any productivity losses.

“With the new Comcast Business Teleworker VPN solution, enterprises can provide employees working from home with the same network access experience they enjoy in the office,” Larry Lunetta, the vice president of WLAN and security solutions marketing at Aruba, explained. “Comcast Business Teleworker VPN is a complete, cloud-managed remote access solution that, when combined with the Comcast Business Teleworker Broadband solution, provides employees with a secure, reliable connection to their primary business systems, applications and files.”

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