How Ocado is shaping the future of online groceries

At Ocado Technology, we are the innovation factory behind the cutting-edge automation software and hardware powering retailers like When Ocado started 20 years ago, it was with the vision to use technology to transform the grocery industry to make our customers’ lives better. This was a great challenge – margins in the grocery industry are tight, and it’s a complex business getting groceries picked and perfectly delivered to customers’ kitchens. Today, the Ocado Smart Platform (OSP) has been bought by our partners across continents from Japan (Aeon) to the US (Kroger) to Australia (Coles) to France (Casino) and more. We’re building 54 (and counting) of our highly automated warehouses across the world for our partners.

There was no off-the-shelf product, so we have focused on building in-house, from scratch solutions to meet the complexities of actually moving, storing, sorting, picking, packing and delivering online grocery. Unlike general merchandise, grocery has three different temperature regimes, frozen, chilled and ambient. Delivering an order of ice cream and fruit to the customer in perfect condition is harder than delivering electronics. We’ve been developing advanced capabilities in both hardware and software, bringing together fields like AI, simulations, robotics and automation to solve many of these challenges.

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