How does an Access Control System work?

Many businesses have complex facilities for their activities, and often they can be in multiple locations, or even across the globe. Each facility has a mix of employees and visitors that enter and egress the facility on a daily basis, and at larger facilities this can easily number in the thousands each day. Access control needs often extend further out than just the physical building of the facility. A common example of this is the parking lot, which often is designated separately for visitors and employees. Furthermore, as business occurs continuously, it is quite common for these facilities to need to be open on a 24/7 basis.

Keeping in mind the above, this quickly creates a bit of a security challenge, or even a nightmare. It is not like upgrading the locks to a more hardened version with a better key, or just making sure that the front door gets locked at night is a reasonable solution at any of these types of locations. The security concerns also exceed what can be protected with a traditional alarm system, that will alarm and can call the police should an egress occur. Even a standalone video camera system, while potentially useful, will not secure much as it will only create a record of the breach, and the odds of knowing that a breach is occurring may not be particularly high without some luck involved.

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