Halo: MCC’s custom game browser is being tested next week

The developers of Halo, 343 Industries, have announced in a new blog post that testing for the custom game browser in Halo: The Master Chief Collection (MCC) will begin on Thursday April 29, 2021 (assuming everything goes to plan). This feature, which allows players to search for other people playing a specific type of gamemode in custom games to join, will be active until Monday May 3, 2021. At this point, it will be turned off. Notably, the scope of the test will be limited to Halo: Reach, which 343 Industries says is because “it is a good test case for new features.”

Once the test concludes, the developers will use collected data to figure out what work still needs to be done before the custom game browser is permanently added to the MCC. 343 Industries has also confirmed that there are other features the studio is working on adding to the custom game browser over time. These include enhanced game creation options, options for filtering, quick matching functionality, and a system that makes playing with your friends easier.

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What do you think of the custom game browser concept? Are you going to use it during the upcoming test? Let me know. Also, make sure to check out Halo: The Master Chief Collection if you haven’t already. It’s available now for $40 on Xbox and PC, and is easily one of the best Xbox One shooters on the platform, so you should absolutely pick it up if you haven’t already. Also, it’s a great game to play while waiting for Halo Infinite to arrive in Fall 2021.

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