Finally! WhatsApp’s new update lets you mute chats forever | TechRadar

WhatsApp, India’s most popular messaging app, has often brought fresh new features to stay relevant and useful. Today, it added another long-requested feature — the ability to permanently mute chats.

Available in the latest update of Android and iOS, users can now mute chats for eternity, instead of the earlier ‘1 year’ maximum limit. The other options continue to remain 8 hours and 1 week. The accompanying notifications can also be muted for the same duration. This will save texters from the annual hassle of muting a particular chat once again.

How to mute a chat permanently

(Image credit: Future)

On Android, the process is pretty straightforward. When on the main chats screen of WhatsApp, select any conversation with a long press. This can be done for groups as well as individuals. Once done, you will see a striked-out speaker icon. Click on it to select your desired duration and hit ok. You can also tick the checkbox on the bottom if you’d like to continue receiving notifications from that particular chat. To undo this, simply long-press and click on the speaker icon again.

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