Deep Rock Galactic’s huge Update 32: Roughnecks at Work, officially launches today

Roughnecks at Work is a rather large update for Deep Rock Galactic, and includes two all-new game modes with the On-Site Refining Mission having players build massive mining systems, and the Escort Duty mission tasking players with protecting a huge Drilldozer and keeping it safe. There are also a ton of quality-of-life changes, more cosmetic items, and new DLC available for purchase as well.

If you haven’t given Deep Rock Galactic a try yet, it’s definitely a gem, and is available for Xbox consoles and Windows PC’s.

Don’t dig too deep

Deep Rock Galactic

A co-op mining adventure.

Deep Rock Galactic, from Ghost Ship Games, is a 1-4 player co-op mining adventure featuring procedurally generated caves, destructible environments, and endless hordes of alien enemies.

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