Closing the digital skills gap by inspiring the next generation of cyber leaders

The pandemic has catalyzed our transition to a purely digital era. With working from home becoming the new normal and e-commerce trends surging rapidly, it has never been more important for individuals and businesses to have impenetrable cybersecurity infrastructure. This presents the UK with a massive opportunity to provide people with good highly paid jobs, but only if we can engage , attract and retain the best talent.

With 88% of UK companies suffering from a data breach in the past 12 months, and small businesses the most vulnerable to attacks, there is a need for better and more accessible cybersecurity solutions. Currently, it will be a struggle to meet the demand due to a lack of trained talent – we simply do not have enough cybersecurity professionals to keep up with the high need for protection, and to tackle this, we need to spark an interest in young people to consider future careers in cyber. With unemployment rising to 5%, it is important we raise awareness of cyber as a future career choice with plenty of future potential. It is equally as important to build Cybersecurity curriculum around employability.

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